Camping in Spain

8 Things I Learnt After 4 Weeks on the Road

I never saw myself as a “camping girl”. When it first occurred to me that roadtripping and camping long term is something I would want to do, I questioned if it was something I could cope with. I don’t think I’m overly high maintenance, but I do like my creature comforts. I also occasionally suffer from insomnia and I struggle to sleep in unfamiliar environments, so sleeping in a car was a big leap of faith for me.

But I did it! And what’s more is, I loved it and now I’m obsessed with the idea. Four weeks was a breeze, I’m talking 6 months, 12 months on the road. Bring it on. I want that nomad life.

But here’s a few (tongue in cheek) things I learnt during those 4 weeks… (aside from that I’m much stronger and chiller than I ever thought).

Camping in Spain

Everybody Poops

Obviously I know everybody poops – there’s even that picture book about it – so maybe it would be more accurate to say “no one cares that you poop”. A lot of women, including myself, have a weird thing about pooping in public, that someone is going to hear us or judge us. Mostly I won’t poop outside of my house unless I’m absolutely desperate, but I honestly couldn’t give a shit anymore (no pun intended). When you’re sleeping in a van and there’s no toilet in sight, you will poop in the first one you get to, no matter how many people are around.

Before you ask, I didn’t poop on the ground though! I’m sure that’ll come around again though whenever we get back on the road.

Also I’m sorry for saying poop so many times.

With the right atmosphere, even washing up can be fun

The only thing I have to say for this, is this photo taken washing up dishes one morning in Spain.

with views like this...

Nobody cares what you look like

Again, I used to be one of those people that couldn’t really handle going out in public without makeup done. London beat a lot of that out of me; if I’m just going to the supermarket or the gym, or for a walk, I don’t bother anymore. But, camping and roadtripping for a month beat it out of me even further. And shocker – nobody cared? Nobody stared at me or asked me if I was unwell? Amazing.

There is always some dude with a guitar

Where do you all come from?

Baked beans are actually really good

I thought I didn’t really like baked beans, but I’ve learnt that I actually do. Every day I’d wake up thinking “ergh I can’t believe I’m eating baked beans again for breakfast” and then by the time they were ready and I was eating them, I was like “oh these are really good!”. Hot tip: chop up and fry chorizo to mix through them and crack some eggs into the top. Delicious and filling breakfast!

bed time
where to next

I can hold my pee for a lot longer than I ever expected

I’m sorry for talking about my bodily functions again, but this is actually a really useful skill when driving for 6-8 hours through the Spanish desert. While of course, I had a she-pee and wasn’t being bashful about peeing by the side of the road, there was actually really long stretches of driving where there was literally nowhere safe to pull over. And if there was a safe spot to stop, chances are someone else had already taken up the spot and you had to keep moving. So it turns out I can go like 3 or 4 hours knowing that I need to pee but not peeing. Who knew!

Washing your hands with soap is a truly luxurious privilege

There were a lot of campsites that didn’t have soap in the bathrooms. And of course if you’re free camping there’s likely not even running water, so we relied pretty heavily on hand sanitizer. You don’t really think about it while it’s happening but as soon as you come to a restaurant or something that has soap, it’s like a revelation!

I don’t want to eat baked beans again for at least another 6 months

What can I say; they’re good, but I’m done.

bathroom time

So I know I’ve been pretty shit at updating the blog lately, but hopefully I haven’t lost too many of you. I have a lot of content coming but I’m also focusing on my business based blog / website that shares marketing tips and WordPress advice. But, more Spain and Portugal content, musings and opinions coming in soon.

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