Ravenscourt Park, London
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De-Facebooking, Road Trips and Other Stresses

Ravenscourt Park, London

Hey kids;

Do you remember when I used to do stream of consciousness type blogging where I just talked about my week? I stopped doing it when I got really caught up in trying to be informative and “searchable” and I thought “hey no one cares about what you had for dinner last week, and that you’ve been feeling unwell and that you think Chris Evans actually kinda looks hot with a pornstache!

Well too bad if you don’t care, because I like doing them; they’re easy to write and right now I need to get my blogging mojo back. I’ve been getting all dried up for ideas, especially since so many of my ideas revolved around the assumption that London was going to be my home for the next few years. I kind of feel like I’m wasting my time continuing to build up my London and expat keywording now that that won’t be a focus for me or my blog. So I guess if that’s why you follow me, we are fast approaching a parting of ways…

I’m Stressed Out

I’ve alluded to my absences from the blog and social media on my Insta stories (shameless plug), but just to elaborate a little bit! I’ve been feeling an awful lot like a stress ball being squeezed too hard lately and I’m just one more crisis away from popping. Work has been crazy busy, and just a little bit dramatic with some staff coming and going. We’re fast approaching my exit date, and we’ve had very little luck recruiting a suitable replacement for me. You would think considering digital marketers are a dime a dozen, it would have been an easy thing to do, but I have no idea where they’re all hiding at. And honestly, every day that goes by with no applicants, or another interview no-show, I get more and more mad that I’m not allowed to stay.

And then we have all the inherent stress that comes with moving your life halfway across the world. I know I should have tried hard not accumulate “things” over the last 2 years, since my future here was never certain. But I was being optimistic; I was nesting because I had to hope I would be able to. So, once again, I’m having to go through selling everything, boxing everything and deciding between “replaceable” and “irreplaceable” belongings. How on Earth did I gather so much stuff in such a small amount of time?

Ravenscourt Park, London

With the stress, the only things that work for me as a coping mechanism are wine, cuddles and gym. Thanks to a flair up of historical injuries, that last one is stalled again. It feels like whenever I start to make progress on my body and my fitness, I’m benched again. But I’m trying this new thing where I listen to my body and actually rest it when it’s hurting, instead of pushing it through for the sake of sticking to goals, or not wanting to appear weak. I have a high pain threshold, but I’m learning that’s not an excuse to ignore the pain. So I guess I need to find another coping mechanism? Or just wine? Wine? Yeah? OK.

Confirmed: Facebook is the Literal Worst

We all heard the shit floating around about the Facebook data breach, and the company who obtained the information boasting about influencing elections around the world through targeted, personalised advertising. And in particular, of course, influencing the recent, disastrous 2016 US election and the shocking Brexit vote. Guess what: shock, shock, people were lied to. As a result, people have been leaving the platform en-masse, and I am desperate to follow. I’ve always been uncomfortable with how my data is being used, and knowing full well my conversations are being monitored for unexplained purposes. Living abroad however, Facebook is a massive lifeline to home. Messenger has become my primary texting platform, and tagging people in memes is the new “hey, haven’t spoke in ages, hope you’re doing OK”. So I don’t feel like I can extract myself from it’s clutches just yet (ERGH). But I have removed access to all third party apps, including starting a new Spotify account that isn’t linked to Facebook and deleting the old one. If you want to do this too, I highly recommend contacting Spotify support chat for assistance – they were able to transfer all my playlists to the new account, and there was no lapse in my premium subscription. It was so simple, it was almost as though they’d had an influx of people desperate to separate Facebook from their lives…

Ravenscourt Park, London

And Some Travel Related News…

For more or less the whole time we’ve been together, my boyfriend and I have talked about free camping in Europe. We always said when it was time for us to leave the UK, we would spend all of our money driving around mainland Europe, sleeping in the back of a van and waking with the sun. So that’s what we’ve decided to do! Unfortunately, because it’s come around a lot faster than we expected, it seems spending all of our money is only going to get us through a month. But c’est la vie! This is what I need to do to feel OK with leaving so if I bankrupt myself, so be it. Because we want to do this slow and thorough, that month will take us through Spain and Portugal only, before rushing back up through France and back to London for our flight home. Please don’t @ me and tell me I should do more of Europe than just Spain and Portugal, a month is a long time, why would I limit myself that way – you forget, we will be back. I want to be relaxed and serene when I go home – not exhausted from running through Europe like I’m on speed for a month. I’ve already travelled Europe that way before I lived here (obviously not literally on speed), and I know from experience it’s no way to experience Europe. Not in the way I want to experience it anyway. But more on that when we’ve actually worked out a rough itinerary.

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