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Things I Will (and Won’t) Miss About London

Living in London certainly has it’s pros and it’s cons.

We all know by now, that I’m not allowed to stay in the city / country I love. While I am heartbroken and there’s a lot about this dumb little (big) city I’ll miss, there’s also a lot I’ll happily leave behind. Here’s a little bit of both…

Things I won't miss about London

  • Living in a nuclear fallout zone
  • The fact that it doesn’t matter where in London I stand or walk, I am always downwind from a smoker
  • My upstairs neighbour’s cats that poop in the garden and piss in our shared hallway so that everything perpetually smells terrible
  • My upstairs neighbour
  • £7 glasses of house wine??
  • Train journeys that cost more than flights
  • A 40 minute commute regularly taking 2 hours
  • Why? Is? The? Trash? In? The? Street???
  • Tourists
  • Londoners who apparently have to be the very first person on and off the tube, be DAMNED with everyone else
  • Scam / spam callers
  • Cloudy water straight from the tap
  • The mission of trying to find a soft bristled tooth brush (why do y’all hate your gums)
  • Never knowing WHERE on the country list I need to look when buying online – at the top with the US, being all cocky? Under E for England? G for Great Britain? U for United Kingdom? Your guess is as good as mine

Things I will miss about London

  • The city breaks, cheap flights – dare I say it? RYANAIR.
  • An actually efficient mail service. You guys don’t know how good you have it.
  • All of the airports that are the perfect gateway to Europe
  • Getting to call myself a Londoner
  • Getting mad at tourists
  • Sunsets behind beautiful buildings
  • Green spaces and how much I appreciate them
  • Being able to appreciate the sun without the mild resentment and sweat patches
  • Hearing 6 different languages and 10 different accents while out on a walk
  • Being able to walk into almost any tube station at any time (before midnight), knowing I’ll be on my way in a matter of minutes
  • DOGS
  • The sheer convenience of it all – no matter what I need, or what I’m craving I can get it quickly and easily (except vegemite)
  • The food. Oh my god the food.
  • Free museums
  • Always having something to do no matter the budget
  • Pubs (good and bad) everywhere
  • Just. London.

What do you love / hate about London? Tell me what I’ve missed!

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London has it's ups and downs (write that on my tombstone) - here's some of my favourite things about it, and some things I'll happily leave behind)
I've gotta leave the city I love, but there's certainly some things about it I won't miss...

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