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Plant Hoarders Anonymous, Travel Plans and a New Me

Plant Hoarding; it started out so innocent

About a month ago, my boyfriend and I reached one year together. We’re not big on anniversaries or public displays of affection so it went unnoticed by anyone but us. One sleepy morning, we discussed if we should do anything for this date that we’d decided upon. Money is tight at the moment and we’ve reserved what we have for travel plans. With this in mind, I suggested we buy a plant (keyword: a = one, singular) for our room in celebration. It seemed innocent enough. Plants aren’t very expensive, they purify the air (thanks London) and they look cute. So the next weekend we walked to the nearby garden centre, and ended up walking away with three little plants; two succulents and a little fern.

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So we’d already lost that battle.

A few weeks later, and we now have 5 plants and I don’t know about him but I’m not done yet. My Google is full of searches like “best houseplants for air purificationeasiest plants to keep alive, and good plants for London weather. The plants all have names and we refer to them as the babies. As we are renters on temporary visas, we can’t justify having the babies we really want (puppies). So Ferris, Planty, Joseph, Squirtle and Bulbasaur will have to fill the floofer shaped holes in our hearts until we settle down…

On the bright side: we know now for sure that we have no self-control. The odds of us being able to stop at one floofer baby is pretty slim.

Oslo here we come, apparently…

Speaking of money being tight, the UK government triggered Article 50 last week. (AKA Project Shoot Ourselves in the Foot). Head-shaking and general disbelief aside, it had the pleasant side effect of triggering a flash sale on one way Ryanair flights to Europe.

I have to hand it to their marketing team; the tongue in cheek implication really worked on me. As far as I can tell, the cheek was lost on the Brits. It did, prompt a buttload of Aussies to book trips they didn’t need, hadn’t budgeted for and didn’t necessarily have the leave allowance for. And so I’m off to Oslo at the end of the month for the weekend, because I make great financial decisions.

I’ll point out now that we also have a road trip to Manchester this weekend and a trip to Cambridge next weekend. Plus the parental pressure of looking after our demanding plant babies.

So hit me with your hot tips for Oslo on a very severe budget…

laurareflected, laurarefocussed, laurareborn

laurareflected has become something of an obsession for me. If I’m not actively working on it at any given moment, my mind is ticking in the background of all the things I want to do with it. It’s incredibly distracting, especially at work.
I must have a notebook near me in case something suddenly pops into my head I have to scribble down. There’s so many things I want to do, but don’t feel like I have time for. There is also a lot of things I wish I’d done from the outset that I now have to go back and fix. But I’m working on it.joseph the plant

I’ve done a lot of research into blogging and it’s forced some changes to my attitude towards this blog. If you’ve been with me for a while, you might have noticed some changes already. I’ve made a conscious effort to improve my writing style to make it easier to read. (I need to practice brevity). I want my content to be relatable and shareable. I no longer want this to feel like I’m shouting into the void. I don’t want this to be something I hide from people I know and from employers. I want this to be something I’m proud to boast about, but also something that’s fun, informative, interesting and visually pleasing. I want this to truly reflect who I am and what I value.

So what now?

I considered incorporating more of a fashion / beauty focus, but that’s not me. I’m not good at fashion and I don’t like makeup, which I wear almost entirely out of insecurity. I love fashion bloggers and the content they’re putting out; it’s beautiful and I wish I had the skill to do that – mostly because that’s what makes money. Even if I never make any money from this (but I sincerely hope I can), I can’t make fashion blogging work for me. Not right now anyway: never say never!

Plus, again, being on a temporary visa means I don’t have the luxury of owning lots of “stuff”. I have no idea where I’ll be living in less than a year and a half and no idea how I’d get all my stuff to that mystery place! I hope I can find good parents to adopt my plant babies.

So it comes down to what do I really care about?

  1. Travel.
  2. Politics and feminism.
  3. Love, life and happiness.

I also want animals in there, but we will return to that later. In the meantime, all my posts have been re-categorised into Travel, Life, Love and Society.

And now Diary, because how can something be a reflection of me if I’m not doing any reflection?

2 thoughts on “Plant Hoarders Anonymous, Travel Plans and a New Me”

  1. I had the same thing happen when I lived in London. One house plant that was purchased in lieu of a pet became seven and I had to leave them with various friends and family when I left. They are missed… Greenery is addictive!

    1. Haha good to know I’m not the only one! It makes me feel so much better after breathing in the pollution all day, to go to my house and feel like the air is somewhat purified by my little babies!

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