skinny people don't eat burgers
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How To Be A Fat Skinny Person

I am “Skinny”. People have told me I’m skinny my whole life. My wrists are so small I can wrap my hand around it and touch every single one of my fingers to my thumb. I’ve been asked how I ever hold anything let alone a heavy bar during bench, without my arm snapping in half. …

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what does your tinder profile say about you
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What Does Your Tinder Profile Say About You?

Ah Tinder. The place where romance comes to die, apparently. For all my talk about how Tinder isn’t really that bad, to be fair, there is a lot of bad things about it. Men aren’t very fussy when it comes to swiping, but women don’t really have that luxury. As we know, the murderers, predators, …

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Trust Your Crazy Place

I told myself I was being crazy. I told myself he’d never given me a reason not to trust him. I told myself I was too smart to be taken in and deceived by someone. I told myself that he was my friend and so he wouldn’t do anything to hurt me.

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